Poetry in New Issue of Still

My poem, “Baptism by Fire,” about the 2014 Elk River, WV Chemical Spill/Water Crisis is in the Open Histories Poetry Sampler in the new issue of Still. The poem is included in my debut poetry collection, Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot, which you can pre-order directly from my publisher,

Poetry Forthcoming in Still

“Baptism by Fire,” my poem about the 2014 Elk River, WV chemical spill/water crisis, will be published in the June, 2019 issue of Still.

Poetry in Appalachian Journal Now Available

The Spring/Summer 2017 issue (#43.3-4) of Appalachian Journal featuring my poem “Cover Us With Mountains,” is now available for purchase from Appalachian State University. Issues of the journal are also archived and publicly available at the Kanawha County Public Library and the WV Library Commission at the WV Culture Center. Appalachian Journal is Appalachian StateContinue reading “Poetry in Appalachian Journal Now Available”

Poetry Forthcoming in Appalachian Journal

My poem, “Cover Us With Mountains,” will be in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue (#43.3-4) of Appalachian Journal, which just went to print last week. Appalachian Journal, which has also featured Ron Rash and Roxane Gay,  is the interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, academic, cultural, literary and “regional studies” journal of Appalachian State University. The journal is the perfectContinue reading “Poetry Forthcoming in Appalachian Journal”