Poetry Forthcoming in The Chestnut Review

My poem “Geometries of Benediction” will be published in the upcoming Winter issue of The Chestnut Review.

Poetry Book Forthcoming

I’m thrilled to announce that my second full-length poetry collection, Ophelia, will be published by Femme Salvé Books in October, 2023.  

Poetry Forthcoming in UCity Review

Six of my poems (“Food for the Worms”; “Unseasonable”; “Feral”; “Climate Animals”; “Threshold”; and “Everything Rots”) will be published in the June, 2023 issue of UCity Review.

Poetry Forthcoming in Black Spot Books Anthology

My poem “The Carving Block” will be published in Black Spot Books’ upcoming print anthology, Under Her Eye. The book will be released in November 2023.

Poetry in Ice Floe Press Anthology Available for Pre-order

The Pandemic Love anthology, which includes my poem “Frostbitten & Faunal,” is now available for pre-order from Ice Floe Press.