Poetry in Anthology Books Out Now!

The Yellow Chair Press and Nightballetpress Press anthologies that feature my poetry are now available to purchase as perfect bound books: The first book, …Only wanted one time to see you laughing (Yellow Dog Press), includes my poem, “His Orchestra,” and is available for purchase on Amazon. The second book, Delirious (Nightballet Press), includes myContinue reading “Poetry in Anthology Books Out Now!”

Poetry Forthcoming in NightBallet Press Anthology

My poem, “No Atlas,” will be published in NightBallet Press’ upcoming print anthology, Delirious: A Poetic Tribute to Prince, set for release on June 7th. The book will be available for purchase at Amazon.com. All NightBallet Press books are also archived in the Ohioana Library in Columbus, Ohio and the Lockwood Memorial Library at theContinue reading “Poetry Forthcoming in NightBallet Press Anthology”