Poetry Forthcoming in Feral

A poem from Ophelia, my erasure project of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, will be published in an upcoming issue of Feral, the literary journal of Animal Heart Press. This will be my third appearance in Feral, which is one of my very favorite journals.  

Poetry Forthcoming in Ice Floe Press Anthology

My poem “Frostbitten & Faunal” will be published in Pandemic Love, a forthcoming print anthology from Ice Floe Press.  

Interview/Essay in The Kenyon Review Now Available

The Kenyon Review has published my interview/essay in poet Ruben Quesada’s Poetry Today series. You can read it online here. 

Interview/Essay Forthcoming in The Kenyon Review

My interview/essay in The Kenyon Review‘s Poetry Today series will be published this Tuesday, April 27th.

Poetry in Feral Now Available

My poem “Romeo & Juliet in the Anthropocene” is in Feral‘s new Issue 6. Feral is the literary journal of Animal Heart Press. My poem “Bestiary with Bullets” was in Feral‘s inaugural issue.