Poetry in Coffin Bell Now Available

I’m so very excited that 4 of my poems—”Prelude to Keening“; “Entropy“; “The Nocturnal Dance,” an erasure of Goethe’s Der Erlkönig; and “Elemental“—have been published in the new Issue 3.2 of Coffin Bell.

Poetry Forthcoming in Coffin Bell

Three of my poems—”Prelude to Keening”; “Entropy”; and “Elemental”—will be published in Issue 3.2 of Coffin Bell in April, 2020. I actually wrote “Prelude to Keening,” which is about a banshee, with Coffin Bell in mind, so I’m especially happy the editors choose it. Coffin Bell is a relatively new journal, but has quickly becomeContinue reading “Poetry Forthcoming in Coffin Bell”

Poetry Forthcoming in Entropy

Three of my poems—”Hell’s Gate”; “Birds of Prey”; and “Broken Wing Act”—will appear in a forthcoming edition of Entropy‘s “The Birds” series.