Poetry in New Issue of Still

My poem, “Baptism by Fire,” about the 2014 Elk River, WV Chemical Spill/Water Crisis is in the Open Histories Poetry Sampler in the new issue of Still. The poem is included in my debut poetry collection, Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot, which you can pre-order directly from my publisher,

Poetry in Barnhouse Now Available

The inaugural issue of Barnhouse is now available. The first issue includes “Give the Bard a Hep A Shot,” my poem about the 2018 Hepatitis A outbreak in West Virginia. “Give the Bard a Hep A Shot” is part of my series on life as a poet in Appalachia. The previous poem in the series,Continue reading “Poetry in Barnhouse Now Available”

Poetry Forthcoming in Barnhouse

My poem, “Give the Bard a Hep A Shot,” will appear in the inaugural issue of Barnhouse. It is the second work in my series about life as a poet in Appalachia. The first, “Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot,” was published by Barzakh.