Poetry in Dirty Chai Magazine – Preorder Now Available!

I’m so very excited that my experimental poem, “Idyll,” will be published in the upcoming “Living Color” print edition of Dirty Chai Magazine. Dirty Chai (whose motto is “lit with a kick”) is already one of the most cutting edge literary journals and their “Living Color” issue will be even more innovative and spectacular.

This magnificent, interactive print magazine includes vivid, full color art, poetry, prose and 29 pages of those oh-so-trendy adult coloring book pages! So readers get to participate in making art inside this truly unique literary journal.

Pre-Order Dirty Chai’s “Living Color” print edition to receive the magazine as soon as it’s released and some extra swag. And let me know (@vcmpoetry on Twitter) what you think of my (literally colorful) poem, “Idyll,” because it’s like nothing I’ve ever written before.



Preorder Link


Published by V. C. McCabe

V.C. McCabe is an Appalachian poet and the author of Ophelia (Femme Salvé Books, 2023) and Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2019). She has edited for Barren Magazine, the New International Voices series (Ice Floe Press), and Frontier Poetry. Her work appears in ekphrastic exhibits and journals worldwide, including EPOCH, Poet Lore, and Prairie Schooner. Her website is vcmccabe.com.

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